Welcome to The Dark Glade! I know it does not look very dark right now, but the winter snows tend to make the glade much brighter than one would normally see it. Perhaps you would like to see it in its summer glory?

The Dark Glade Winter

The goal of The Dark Glade is to tell a story, much like a novel. The difference comes in sections where the reader will be able to interact with the story. You might think I mean in a choose-your-own aventure type of way, but that is not at all what I mean. There is a full story here, not one that can end prematurely with a bad decision. The reader will beable to progress through the story though, by taking on different characters points of view, and solving the same kinds of puzzles that the characters a challenged with.

The world I will write in is based on the fantasy offering of two companies and the creative offering of their fan base.

So how long is this going to take to put into motion? I really don't know. As of right now the ideas of the plot are only in my head. Here are the things that I need to do before I can think about begining:

  1. Develop all the characters fully.
  2. Create a good layout for the story pages
  3. Create artwork for the story (you didn't think I was going to put a story up with no pictures for it, did you?)
  4. Write the whole thing out

So there it is, a plan. I know that makes this page nothing better than an "Under construction" page. for which I apologize.

You can direct any hatemail to hatemail@darkglade.net

Photograph of the original Dark Glade painting